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Infection, Infectious Diseases, and Epidemiology


Chapter 14 Vocabulary

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1.Symbiotic relationship in which one organism derives benefit while harming, or even killing, its host
5.Symbiotic relationship in which one member benefits without significantly affecting the other.
10.Spread of pathogens to the respiratory mucous membranes of a new host via the air on in droplets carried more than 1 meter.
11.an animal that transmits disease from one host to another
12.Potentially fatal toxin released from the cell wall of a dead and dying Gram-negative bacteria.
15.Any disease that develops rapidly but lasts only a short time, whether it resolves in convalescence or death.
16.A microorganism capable of causing disease
17.Study of the causation of disease
18.Hypothesis formulated by Pasteur in 1857 that microorganisms are responsible for disease.
19.Antibodies formed by the host that bin to and protect against toxins
20.A measure of pathogenicity.
2.Living or nonliving continous source of infectious disease
3.Diseases that are naturally spread from usual animal hosts to humans
4.Any disease that develops slowly, usually with less severe symptoms, and is continual or recurrent.
6.Any change from a state of health.
7.Entrance site of pathogenic microorganisms, including the skin, mucous membranes, and placenta
8.A means by which pathogenic microorganisms can be deposited directly into deep tissues of the body, as in puncture wounds and hypodermic injections.
9.A group of symptoms, signs, and diseases that collectively characteries a partiular abnormal condition.
13.Symbiotic relationship in which both members benefit from their interaction.
14.The presence of microorganisms in or on the body or other site

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