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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholics United for the Faith

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  7 8              
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14           15

3.Jesus healed this man.
6."Shout with ____ for Jacob,"
8."Then our mouth was filled with _____ and our tongue with rejoicing." Ps 126
10.The son of Timaeus was this.
12."The LORD has _____ his people"
13."Go your way; your faith has ____ you."
14."They departed in ____,"
16."You are a priest ____ according to the order of Melchizedek."
17."Those that sow in tears shall ____ rejoicing." Ps 126
1.The Jewish people were held captive there for about seventy years.
2.The theological virtue by which a person believes in God and all the truths revealed by God.
4.November 1st is the day for this solemnity. (two words)
5.An event or occurence that is caused directly by God.
7.This week's prophet.
9."He threw aside his ____, sprang up, and came to Jesus."
11.Today's gospel account takes place here.
15."Jesus, Son of ____ have pity on me."
16."For I am a _____ to Israel,"

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