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Dylan Fitzhenry

its a good puzzle.

1 2
3                 4
8 9 10 11          
    12       13     14  
15                 16                
18         19      
    20         21            
22 23           24                        

3.there's around _____ people in canada (3 Words)
5.biggest country on earth
6.great pyramids of _____
11.black mambas are found in witch continent
12.where is the empire state building (2 Words)
15.______ penguins
16.______ preditors
17.capital of louissiana (2 Words)
18.biggest country of the caribbean
20.where is russia located
21.______ maple leaves
23.biggest country of SA
24.most expensive yelow property of monopoly (2 Words)
25.capital of PEI
26.the ___ __ hal is located in india (2 Words)
27.the _____ bridge replaced the london bridge
1.when did the twin tower fall down
2.how many countrys are in antarctica
4.where do i live
7.where does bill gates live
8.where were pokemon invented
9.where is suriname located (2 Words)
10.where was table tennis invented
13.biggest population of province/territory in canada
14.what is the 2nd cheapest property in monopoly (2 Words)
19.canada has the cn tower named after the cn _____
22.2 virginias, regular and _____ virginia

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