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Secret of the Andes

1 2
3     4    
6             7
11     12    
13   14        

3.This was the main character in the book
6.A group of people Cusi wanted to be part of
8.Cusi's nickname
9.The place to where Cusi traveled
10.Cusi lived in this country
11.The only person Cusi knows
13.The animals Chuto raised
1.The leader of the llamas
2.The thing Suncca was afraid of
4.The tribe Cusi was part of
5.When Cusi and Chuto went on their journey this person took care of the llamas
7.Cusi was trying to protect this for the Incan King who was killed
9.Cusi's dog's name
12.The thing cusi called a monster
14.The area in Peru where Cusi lived

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