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1             2
3 4    
      5             6
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        10   11        
12               13        
14                     15
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20                   21  
23     24          

1.consisting of interconnected parts; complicated
5.an environment naturally suited to an individual; an essential constituent of a whole
8.to lead; to carry out; behaviour
9.to examine and judge carefully; to determine the value of
10.to give special attention to; a special article in a publication
12.to bring to an end; to reach a decision about
14.a group of people living in the same place or having common interests
16.to have trust in; to ascribe an achievement to someone; money available to borrow
19.to gain something by hard work or experience
20.the act of granting certain authority to perform a task; a group of people officially authorized to perform a task
24.to connect or associate two things as similar or equal
25.management of the affairs of an organization
26.a way in which something can be viewed; a view
27.to succeed in arriving at a goal through hard work
1.a distinct period of a person's life; a local branch of an organization; one of the main divisions of a book
2.to eat or drink; to use up; to destroy completely
3.easily distinguishable from all others; recognizable; set apart
4.coming at the end of a series; allowing no room for change; the last exam of a course
6.to harm someone's body, feelings, reputations, etc.
7.a group of things that share a common characteristic
8.to determine by mathematics or computers
10.the degree of clearness; to direct something towards a point
11.to have an influence on; to put on a false show of
13.following as a natural or logical effect, result, or conclusion
15.an artistic work; to work out a plan for; to create for a particular purpose
17.the physical force of a body hitting another; the effect of something on another; to hit with great force
18.suitable; to take for one's use, usually without permission
21.to build; to create by arranging ideas systematically; an abstract idea
22.all the knowledge and values shared by a society; the tastes in art and manners favoured by a social group
23.to give help or support to

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