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Famous People of the Civil War


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5.First initial and last name of a major leader of the Abolition movement against slavery
7.Chief General of the Confederate States
9.Last name of the Union general who marched his troops from Atlanta to Savannah, GA
10.Nicknamed "Moses", she led over 70 slaves to freedom
12.Last name of the madman who shot President Lincoln
13.President of the Confederate States
14.Last name of the president during the Civil War
15.Violent abolitionist who wanted to free the slaves at all costs.
1.First initial and last name of Lincoln's first vice-president
2.Wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
3.Union nurse who founded the American Red Cross
4.First initial and last name of the general that was given the honor to accept General Lee's surrender
6.Demoncratic candidate who ran for president against Lincoln in1860
8.First initial and last name of the General-in-Chief of the Union Army
11.Confederate commander who was accidentally shot by his own troop:___________ Jackson

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