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The Irish Famine


1 2
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3.People leaving their Country for a new one.
10.Doctor ____, who worked in the Hospital on Grosse Ile
12.The name of the quarantine island (2 Words)
14.Irish author who wrote about his time on the coffin ships (3 Words)
17.Isolated place where ships carrying disease must stop
19.Nickname for immigrant ships due to high death tolls (2 Words)
20.Author of "An Unprecedented Influx: Nativism and Irish Famine Immigration to Canada" (2 Words)
21.The country that could have prevented the famine
22.The country that suffered from the famine
23.Grosse Ile was downstream from this major city
1.Author of "Grosse Ile: Canada's Irish Famine Memorial"
2.Form of racial discrimination
4.Immigrant quoted in the movie (2 Words)
5.The infection that spread throughout Europe was a type of ____.
6.The main food staple that was destroyed by a fungal infection
7.New arrivals going to a Country
8.The Religion the people of British North America preferred
9.Widespread scarcity of food, caused by crop failure...
11.Disease that symptoms include a high fever
13.The Maritime colony many Irish settled in (2 Words)
15.Many Irish practiced this religion
16.The English used this form of media to belittle the Irish
18.The number of people to a bed in Grosse Ile Hospitals
19.Disease caused by unsanitary water

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