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Unit 4 Study Guide

Sammy and Aaron

1 2 3
5 6      
        9       10                

4.Opposed immigration because they believed immigrants took jobs away from Americans
7.The idea that the rich are morally obligated to share their wealth (4 Words)
9.Republican, assassinated (2 Words)
12.Republican, Civil Service Act (2 Words)
13.Democrat, lowered tariffs, he had 414 vetoes and 2 terms (2 Words)
14.Practice of awarding civil service jobs based on friendships instead of qualifications (2 Words)
1.Founded Hull House, a settlement house in Chicago (2 Words)
2.Republican, ended Reconstruction (3 Words)
3.Place on the East Coast that received European immigrants (2 Words)
5.Republican, 1st Billion Dollar Congress (2 Words)
6.Applies Christian principles to address social problems (2 Words)
7.Political machine in New York City, run by Boss Tweed (2 Words)
8.Republican, Lots of scandals during his term (2 Words)
10.The application of Darwinism to the human race (2 Words)
11.started the Salvation Army (2 Words)

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