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Parth and Joseph's Awesome Super Hard Mega Politically Correct Crossword Puzzle On The Gilded Age

Parth and Joseph

It's a crossword

1 2            
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5                       6
8                   9                      

1.President who was assasinated by the first man to go "POSTAL"
3."One of the few sports that encouraged men and women to play"
5.Presidents that did not make much change during the Gilded Age.
8.Spending money to show off
10.Apartment building that were mostly occupied by poorer immagrants
13.People who dislike immigrants because they are "taking American jobs"
14.Public transportation used by many people at one time
2.Ellis island's west coast counterpart
4.Charitable organizations formed to help immigrants
6.Darwin's theory taken to the streets (Socially)
7.Type of growth that results in a poor inner city.
8.Famous speech given by Wiliam J. Bryan
9.Cheapest and poorest accommodations on a ship
11.Tweed's party house
12.Cartoonist who brought down tweed

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