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Rachel's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious US History Puzzle

Rachel Schrock

A puzzle about the Gilded Age. Wheeeee!

3   4 5
6 7                        
    8   9                    

2.Famous speech made by a Populist candidate about the national government's refusal to use the silver standard
7.Cartoonist who drew Boss Tweed, thereby letting the illiterate know what Tammany Hall was doing
8.Public transportation that was designed to carry large amounts of people
11.A disaster that symbolized the Gilded Age
12.Populist Presidential candidate who lost the election by a close margin
13.The national sport of the United States
14.Republicans who opposed political reform
1.Required children to go to school
3.Level of the ship where immigrants traveled
4.Leader of infamous political machine Tammany Hall
5.Port on the West Coast where immigrants arrived to the US
6.President who had the Million Dollar Congress
8.Algonquian term for "big chief"
9.Belief that it was a person's duty to help the less fortunate however they could
10.Group of people catered to by political machines

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