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Cell Structure

Amanda, Jerome, Stephanie

All the part in a PLANT cell ... Good Luck!

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7                       8 9

2.storage sac for water, nutrients, and waste. HINT - this is bigger in the plant cell
7.recieves materials from the ER and packages them for transport within or outside the cell (er goes on this)
10.the gatekeeper of the cell; controls what enters and leaves
12."powerhouse" of the cell; produces energy used by the cell from glucose
14.small structures where proteins are produced
15.directs the cell's activities
1.the synthesis and storage of food
3.acts as a framework; gives the cell it's shape and protects it
4.breaksdown very fatty acids
5.rigid layer of material that surrounds the cell
6.trash can of the cell, contains chemicals that break down food particles for the cell
8.captures energy from the sun to produce food (glucose)
9.the fluid usually found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells.
11.is a cellular structure found within the nucleus
13.transports proteins and other materials through the cell (carry's ribosomes)

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