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Ella Enchanted

Vocabulary 1

Grade 9

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    7 8  
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4.put into disorder, make unorganized
5.having knowledge; conscious about
9.happening rarely, not often
10.to postpone or put off until later
11.to swallow or eat up hungrily and quickly
12.an influence to have feelings of excitement or determination
13.extremely accurate or correct; precise
16.so lost in thought that one doesn't realize what he/she is doing
17.to have in mind or mean for something to be done
18.awkward in movement or action; without skill or grace
20.showing great shock, pain or terror
23.to pull out of place of growth
25.given to ordering people around; overly authoritative
26.to escape or avoid by being clever
1.a piece of cloth worn around the shoulders
2.showing self-respect or nobility of character and worthiness
3.a facial expression that shows pain or disapproval
6.a journey for some specific purpose
7.unable to be comforted
8.being in agreement/identifying with another person's feelings
14.to leave completely and finally; to give up
15.to draw back or go back to a safe place
19.to imitate (copy) an action or speech
21.messy curls (used for hair)
22.easily managed or handled
24.acting quickly without considering consequences

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