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Forces Unit Vocabulary

By: Tiarra King

Word Bank( words used): Friction, weight, tension, weight, applied force, normal force, drag, newtons, inertia, air resistance,equilibrium, tension force, mass, normal, force, weightlessness, kilograms, earth, acceleration,net force. ( word are used twice for a reason.)

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3.A force exerted on an object acting perpendicular to the surface is ___.
5.A push or pull exerted on an object.
8.The force of gravity acting downwards on an objects mass.
10.Unit of force
13.The reluctance of an object to change its state of motion.
15.Tf (2 Words)
17.Mass is measured in ____.
20.An object with an apparent weight of zero.
1.Fn- also known as ____ ____. (2 Words)
2.Fg- also known as ____.
4.The rate of change of velocity per unit of time.
6.Fapp- also known as ____ ____. (2 Words)
7.The net force of an object in____is zero.
9.The pull exerted by a string or a rope.
11.Fair- also known as___ ____. (2 Words)
12.A force that opposes motion.
14.The sum of all that is applied. (2 Words)
16.9.8m/s ^2 is the measurement for the gravity of which planet?
18.Fair- also known as____.
19.Quantity of matter in an object is it's ___.

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