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The 1920's (Political)

Natalie Verdicchio

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1.In 1917 western union leaders were influenced by the revolution in Russia. Under ___ all of the means of production and distribution were publicly owned. Everyone is considered equal. (Also called bolshevism)
4.The ___ ___ ___ was made up by many countries throughout the world and was based on collective security. (3 Words)
6.The ___ ___ were a group of women (including Agnes Macphail) that brought the Persons Case to the attention of the Judicial Committee of the Privy council in Britain. (2 Words)
9.The ___ ___ is a collection of countries that were once colonies in the British Empire. They have the power to make their own laws. (2 Words)
11.___ ___ was the first woman elected into the House of Commons. (2 Words)
12.___ is the power to govern yourself and make your own decisions.
13.In ___ ___ ___ women were not considered "persons" by the BNA act and only "persons" could have political positions. (3 Words)
14.The ___ ___ was a report that supported the Imperial Conference. (2 Words)
2.The ___ ___ ___ officially turned Canada into a British Commonwealth rather than a British Colony. (3 Words)
3.Prime Minister King asked the Governor General to call an election and he declined his request. King claimed that it was undemocratic for a British official to refuse the advice of the Prime Minister. He eventually called an election. This event was called the ___-___ ___. (2 Words)
5.The ___ ___ was between Canada and the USA for securing and preserving the halibut fishery of North Pacific ocean. Canada was not taken seriously by the US and were hesitant to let us sign the treaty. (2 Words)
7.The ___ ___ was where Canada made the greatest progress towards changing Canada's legal dependence on Britain. (2 Words)
8.In 1922 Britain occupied positions at the straits leading from the black sea to the Mediterranean. They sent troops and ships to defend against the Turkish army and requested the assistance of the Canadian troops. However the Canadians voted on their decision to stay or go for the first time. This event was called the ___ ___. (2 Words)
10.___ ___ was a suffragist that brought the persons case forward. (2 Words)

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