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Science Terms

Annika Garza

See if you can complete this crossword puzzle using many science words and terms.

1     2   3         4 5
      6         7
      9     10            
        12             13
16         17       18    

1.food source to the ultimate consumer
6.the portion of the vertebrate central nervous system enclosed in the skull
10.easily excited or irritated
11.done contrary to or without choice
12.the point at which a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another
14.a large dorsally projecting part of the brain concerned especially with the coordination of muscles and the maintenance of bodily equilibrium
15.an enlarged anterior or upper part of the brain
16.a plant-eating animal
19.any of the usually branching protoplasmic processes that conduct impulses toward the body of a neuron
21.a system formed by the interaction of organisms and it's environment as an ecological unit
22.an animal that eats both plant and animal matter
23.to yield something, something produced
2.a person or thing that decomposes
3.any of an order of typically flesh-eating mammals that includes dogs, foxes, bears, raccoons, and cats
4.the inner part or deep part of an animal or plant structure
5.trophic level of energy, an ecological pyramid illustrating the energy flow within an ecosystem
6.the part of the brain composed of the midbrain and medulla oblongated and connecting the spinal cord with the forebrain and cerebrum
7.a usually long and single nerve-cell process that usually conducts impulses from the cell body
8.the body of a neuron without its axon and dendrites
9.the cord of the nervous tissue that extends from the brain lengthwise along the back in the vertebral canal and carries impulses to and from the brain
13.food chains in an ecological community
17.proceeding from the will or from one's own choice or consent
18.a grayish or reddish granular cell with specialized processes that is the fundamental functional unit of nervous tissue
20.a person or a thing that consumes

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