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The Life and times of Glam

1 2
3               4  
5   6 7      
  8     9      
10 11   12 13        
  16                   17 18  
22   23                
    25     26 27
    28           29    

3.First film Glenn and Sam watched together
5.Glenn's favourite word
9.Glenn's favourite part of Sam's body
13.Word Glenn and Sam used before love
14.Last meal together before Sam went on holiday
15.Sam's pet name
16.A word in the title of Glenn and sam's song
19.Colour of Glenn's favourite bikini that Sam wears
20.Glenn and Sam's favourite activity
21.The pub Glenn and Sam went to watch their first band in
22.Pet Sam wants
24.Day of the week Sam asked Glenn out
28.Food eaten before Glenn drove down a ditch
30.Glenn's favourite animal
31.Reason the day Glenn and Sam met at the halfway house was a special day
32.Glenn's pet name
33.Place Glenn and Sam first met
34.One of the Restaurants Glenn and Sam have eaten at
1.Achillles Injured this part of his body
2.Glenn and Sam's nickname
4.Name of desert made by Glenn on his dinner date
6.Location of Glenn and Sam's car park
7.Colour of the top and eyes that Sam had on that made Glenn melt
8.Name of the pub Glenn and Sam went to before watching West Ham
10.Band that was Tributed when Glenn and Sam first danced
11.Sam's favourite car
12.Glenn and Sam's favourite pub
17.Sam and Glenn's favourite day out
18.Third best footballer in the world
22.Ride that Glenn pulled his hand away from Sam on
23.Song to be played as Sam walks down the aisle
25.Sam's favourite animal
26.Number Glenn and Sam put as their answer to win their wine
27.The name Glenn and Sam gave the field where they fell in love
29.Colour of the trousers Sam wore that made Glenn notice her

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