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Bible People

Pastor Greg Lilly

Bible People, Who am I?

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1.He is the archenemy of the believer
4.He was told by God to go and deliver the people out of Egypt
5.He told us about Jesus' virgin birth and crucifixion
7.The Disciple with the 'foot-shaped' mouth
10.He ministered before the Lord at Shiloh
11.She was the first woman
13.He was Moses' brother
14.He came to Jesus by night
15.He helped Paul during his time of need and came from the Philippians
17.He was God's prophet who exposed King David's sinfulness
19.He died and Jesus raised him from the dead
21.She was the mother of John the Baptist and cousin to Mary
24.He was a young priest who told us not to glory in ourselves
26.He is God's Only Begotten Son
27.He built the ark
28.He was a giant but David cut him down to size
29.She is Jesus' Mother
30.He is the Archangel who took Satan's place as head of the cherubs
2.He doubted until Jesus appeared to him
3.He was in prison with Paul when the jailor tried to commit suicide
6.He was one of David's sons and had many wives and concubines
8.He saw many visions like the throne chariot of God
9.John told us that this man wanted to be number one in his church
12.He wrote the gospel account depicting Jesus as the Son of God
13.He told a lie and died because of it
14.Philip brought him to Jesus and he believed Jesus was the Son of God
16.Paul was named this before his conversion
18.He was the first man
20.He returned to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem
22.He told Mary that she would bare a son and she had found favor with God
23.He was swallowed by a great fish because he disobeyed God's command
25.He was the Apostle to the Gentiles

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