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Jesus Christ the Way

Ryan Buckley

Jesus shows us how to live a life with faith, hope, and love, Jesus is called the Way. Through his words and actions we learn how to become better Christians by following his example. Jesus shows us God's unconditional love he has for us all.

1 2 3
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  22   23   24            
      26           27
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        35       36  
    38           39      

4.number of books in the New Testament
6.sentenced Jesus to death
8.which gospel was first to be written
10.number of days Jesus went into the desert alone to pray and fast
12.rising from the dead
14.symbol of Luke
15.day of rest
16.the last gospel to be written
18.middle class Jews
21.he baptized Jesus
24.hears God's word and proclaims it
25.first person Jesus appeared to after the Resurrection
26.scholarly teachers
28.Greek word for fish- a Christian symbol
30.mystery of one God in three divine persons
32.Another name for Christ
34.12 men that accompanied Jesus- means messenger
35.first leader of the church chosen by Jesus
37.means "good news"
38.number of apostles that followed Jesus
39.Hebrew word for dad- God is referred to as this
40.tempts people to do evil
1.stories of Jesus' birth and early life
2.Mary goes to heaven
3.mystery of God becoming human
5.the conception of Jesus in Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit
7.proclaimers of the Good News
9.followers- means learners
11.small case on the right post of a doorway holding a copy of the shema
12.last book of the bible
13.Palestine was occupied by who when Jesus lived
17.This part of the bible is written about Jesus, called the ______________Testament
19.means "same view"- 3 gospels are called this because they are so much alike
20.king remembered for his cruelty and rebuilding the temple
22.Jesus' birth
27.means "peace"
29.freedom fighters who tried to overthrow Rome's control over Palestine
31.place where sacrifices were offered
33.Mary was betrothed to this man
36.means teacher

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