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Vocabulary Unit 11

H. Wilson

Vocabluary Words K12HAVS 5th Grade Unit 11

1 2         3
10 11        

1.(v.) to make sure, safe, or certain; to guarantee
4.(adj.) very careful about choosing or using
6.(n.) an urgent request for help; answer given in a court of law by person accused of a crime
8.(adj.) using facts and good sense to evalute people, things, ot situations; reasembling real life
9.(n.) a belief used to tell right from wrong; Dad is the ? of our school
10.(adj.) having a sharp or sour taste; (n.)a small pie, usually filled with fruit
12.(n.) freedom from danger, fear, or doubt; safety
2.(v.) to settle down comfortably; to hold lovingly
3.(n.) large mass of snow, ice, rocks, or other material sliding or falling swiftly down a mountainside
5.(v.) to group or label in an organized way
7.(v.) to plan and steer the course of a vessel or vehicle
11.(adj.) making no sense at all, going completely against or having no reason

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