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Blue Ocean


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1.to be available but has not yet been used : The American Wind Energy Association says the wind energy remains largely _ .
4.to increase suddenly; Lately prices are ~ing up.
5.in opposition to, against ;It was Brazil _ Germany in the World Cup soccer match.
8.a period of 10 years
9.someone or something that shows what will happen in the future
10.to appear or come out from somewhere: The shark _d from the water.
12.the sale of goods in shops to customers
14.to become more successful ; He _ed out as a statesman. 그는 훌륭한 정치가가 되었다.
16.an important part or characteristic of a product or service: The salesman described to us the machine's many _ .
18.relating to competition ;They were selected by a _ examination.
21.다음에는, 차례로, 이어서 Because of severe recession, a lot of companies in this industry have lost a lot of money recently, and this _ _ has caused unemployment.
25.different from the one you have and can be used instead;More people are turning to _ medicine to improve and maintain their health.
26.to be more successful than someone or something else ;Japanese companies are known for striving to _ their competitors.
27.someone who wears funny clothes, a red nose, bright make-up on their face etc, and does silly things to make people laugh, especially at a circus; The ~ knocked the audience down with his jokes.
28.a ceremony or rite done to mark a serious or sacred event or day; A common _ at a wedding is giving and receiving wedding rings.
29.대조를 이루어 ;His personality was _ _ with his brother's.
2.skill in a particular artistic activity
3.to take hold of something suddenly and violently ;He is prompt to seize an opportunity.
6.money that a business or organization receives over a period of time, especially from selling goods or services
7.not useful or not relating to a particular situation, and therefore not important; His age is _ if he can do the job.
11.all the industries not in existence today; This is the unknown market space.
13.the direction in which something is pointed; The _ of the building is facing south.
15.to make or become smaller;These wool sweaters _ when you wash them with hot water.
17.the state of existing; The _ of God is beyond human understanding.
18.~을 강력하게 요구하다 Feminists _ _ _ sexual equality.
19.to be of importance : What you do _s. 네가 하는 것이 중요하다.
20.based on or conforming to accepted ways of doing things; People give _ greetings to each other, like, "Hi, how are you?"
22.all the industries existence today; This is the known market space.
23.to take hold of someone or something with a sudden or violent movement; He _bed a stick just in case the dog attacked him.
24.to completely get rid of something that is unnecessary or unwanted ;They framed a plan to _ unnecessary bureaucracy.

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