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Chapter 7 Key Terms

Mr. Klostermann

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2.The exchange of goods that took place between the Americas and Europe
4.Philosopher and Scientist who studied scientific experimentation as a means of finding the truth
6.Spanish navigator who sailed from Spain west into the Atlantic, eventually landing in San Salvador, claiming that he had found India.
8.Area discovered by Columbus in the Cental America.
10.Italian navigator who made several trips across the atlantic to the new world. The America's were eventually named after him.
14.The second stage of the Triangular Trade where shipments of slaves were sent across the atlantic to the Americas
17.Portuguese navigator who sailed from Spain and eventually circumnavigated the globe.
18.Business where owners raised money by selling shares (Stock) in their company
19.Period of European economic expansion, colonialism, and mercantilism which lasted from approximately the 16th century until the early 18th century.
20.A tax on foreign goods
22.Portuguese trader who sailed aroudn the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa.
24.Tested Copernicus' ideas for Heliocentric universe. Published "The laws of Planetary Motion"
26.A grant of contribution of money
27.Scientist who concluded that force was needed to cause objects to fall to earth. "Law of Motion", Idea of Gravity.
28.Scientist who argued that the sun was the center of the Universe.
29.Scientist who believed that scientific theories could be developed only through observation. Wrote "Novum Organum"
30.English scientist who helped to pioneer the modern science of Chemistry.
31.Leader of the Scientific Revolution, wrote "Discorse on Method"
32.A countries government should do all it can to increase the countries wealth. To increase that wealth, they must take wealth from another country.
1.To recieve more goods from a nation than is sent to them.
3.Spanish explorer who led 180 men to capture the Incan capital in Peru.
5.The system of trade involving Europe, Africa, and North America
7.Imaginary line north and south through the Atlantic that gave Spain all land west and Portugal all land east.
9.Scientist who studied the Anatomy and how the human body is constructed
11.Using experiements and mathematics to understand the mysteries of the world.
12.Portuguese trader who sailed into the Indian Ocean and began trade with India.
13.Earth-centered view of the Universe.
15.Spanish explorer who invaded Mexico, destroying Tenochtitian and the Aztec people.
16.Method of research in which a problem is identified, relevant data are gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from these data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested.
21.Built the first telescope. Discoveries formed the basis for the modern science of mechanics / the study of objects in motion.
23.Sun-centered view of the Universe.
25.Spanish explorer who traveled with Columbus, eventually sailing to what is now Florida. Searching for "the lost city of gold"

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