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Lesson 2

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5.v. To go backward or in the direction one just came from. n. Back to front.
9.adj. Pleasing to the eye or mind.
10.n. An object, action, or sound that gives a message or a warning. v. To do something that gives a message or warning.
12.n. Something that happens, especially something important.
1.n. Something that draws attention.
2.adj. 1. Very different from. 2. Facing or moving away from each other.
3.v. To bring or draw closer.
4.n. A group of people working together, especially one that runs an airplane or large vessel.
6.n. An open motorboat that is used for short distances. v. 1. To put a boat or vessel in the water. 2. To get started or to make a move.
7.v. To hang loosely.
8.n. A pile of sand or snow created by moving air or water. v. To be carried along by moving air or water.
11.n. A young bull. v. To steer is to guide the direction of.

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