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1 2           3 4
7   8         9            
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15 16  

2.What queen had a man killed so she could take his land for her husband the king?
6.Who were the fat "cows of Basham"
8.What woman married a man, had two children and then became a prostitute?
9.In what book did a man cut up his mistress and send her body parts to the tribes of Israel?
11.What king refused to lower the people's taxes, threatened to impose higher taxes thus causing a split in the nation of Israel?
12.Who beat her slave girl after the girl had given birth to Abraham's child?
14.In Joel, what kind of pests ate all of the crops and green vegetation?
17.What king's son raped his sister?
18.Whose sister got leprosy when she tried to usurp his authority?
1.What giant threatened Israel while Saul was king?
2.What prophet was thrown into well by scary men?
3.Whose daughters got their father drunk and then slept with him producing two sons?
4.Who threw Daniel into the lion's den?
5.Whose brothers threw him into a well and then sold him into slavery?
7.Who tempted Eve to disobey God?
9.Whose sons killed all of the men of Shechem after their sister had been raped?
10.What man offered a wrong sacrifice to God and then killed his brother?
13.Who stole goods from Jericho, hid them under his tent and then lied about it?
15.Who blamed his wife for tempting him after God found him hiding in a garden?
16.What man tried to annihilate all the Jews but ended up hanging on the gallows?

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