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3.01-3.04 Review


Sports Marketing I - 3.01-3.04 Review

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5.the most important element of an ad
6."Brought to you by"
8.this type of segmentation breaks down by age, gender, income, etc.
10.small banner ads are known as:
12.this type of magazine is read for pleasure/enjoyment
13.this is the type of ad where consumers clicks lead them to the company's website. These ads are embedded into webpages.
14.the blank space in an ad that allows your eyes to focus and to rest
15.This ad is like a banner ad, only it has video & animation.
16.This ad will display in a new browser window, either in front or ___ the current browser window
19.the picture/graphic within an ad
22.this annoying ad will appear when you're trying to leave a website
23.a roadmap to the web
25.email based ads are ___ in the msg or the entire email is an ad.
1.another word for text, or words on a page. Used in the print media business
2.this is the ad that moves. It may move across a screen or float above the content.
3.this is how marketers can target their desired customers and get better results
4.when video games contain ads
7.the internet explorer version is called a favorite- this is a collection of your favorite links/web pages
9.The type of headline here creates ___: "Three foods that will make you smarter"
11.advertising using text based hyperlinks
17.Taking a standard old HTML site and jazzing it up w/ interactive elements.
18.a world that imimics reality. Still evolving, but not very successful
20.This headline offers a ___: "Finally, Relief for Sleepless Nights"
21.this is one type of broadcast media other than TV
24.__ media, like facebook and twitter are trends in advertising media

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