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Angela Wanless

The puzzle contains very important legal concepts from Chapter 1 - The LAw

1     2                        
4                           5

1.When members of society lose their belief and confidence in the legal system a _________________ is said to exist
4.In terms of this jurisprudential approach - law is that which it is and not that which it ought to be
6.A __________can be defined as disapproval to non-compliance of legal rules - can take the form of punishment or compensation
7._____________________ is that part of the law that deals with procedures that must be followed in legal proceedings
2."judges speak(apply) the law they do not create (make it)"
3.________________means that law is predictable, it is consistent and it has a fixed content
5._______________is that part of the law that determines the content and meaning of ahte different legal rules

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