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Variable Part2

Use Popplet 4 and 5 to help answer some of the Questions!

2       3      
  4 5                
6                     7 8
10                   11                 12
16   17   18        

2.One of two possible Boolean Values.
3.A data type representing a single character.
4.An algorithm written in both English and program code.
6.Relational operator used to determine if one value is greater that another.
10.A statement used to create a variable or constant.
13.A set of steps that tell how to solve a problem.
14.A named memory location that stores a value.
15.What does a comment start with?
16.A data type representing dates and times.
19.A predefined dialog box that displays a message for the user.
1.A set of characters.
3.Creating the interface and writing the program code.
5.A variable with a local scope but a lifetime duration of the program.
7.An error caused by a statement that violates the rules of Visual Basic.NET.
8.The line-continuation character.
9.Used to add a Checkbox control.
10.Statement used to declare a Variable
11.A variable must be assign a ___________ and ___________.
12.An object that allows the user to enter a value.
17.Statement used to declare a constant.
18.Arithmetic operator used to perform modulus division

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