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Chapter 3

Amanda Martinez

chapter three crossword

  4 5          
  7       8                
        11 12                

3.all of the shared values, beliefs, and ways of relating and living together characterize a particular group of people.
5.to experience the good life that the creator planned
7.occurs on the level of social structures to create change
9.the process of understanding how people's lives' are affected by the relationships that shape the society in which they live.
12.basic beliefs that guide the way someone relates to the world
14.to look beyond outer appearances and first impressions to see the goodness that is the foundation of all god's creations.
15.the social structures that block justice
16.intentionally breaking laws that are unjust
1.(Gandhi's approach) make a statement and changing without war
2.when an owner looses economic power they received from the customer
4.the social structures that block justice
6.depending on one another for our existence.
8.seeing, hearing and knowing the world in a spirit world
10.occurs on the level of individual relationships and is usually aimed at meeting an immediate need
11.is the God-given ability everyone has to affect their own lives, the lives of others, and the world around them, including social structures
13.living according to one's belief in a way that affects the world

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