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21st Centruy Science P4 2011

Mr Winter

1 2       3      
5   6               7
8                 9      
    12 13                
16   17              
18 19                

2.Speed = _____________ x time [8]
6.Force x time [7]
8.Speed in a certain direction [8]
9.The ___________ under a curve of velocity time graph gives displacement [4]
13.This is also known as the net force, occurs when forces are unbalanced [9]
14.The force of the ground upwards on an object [8]
15.If an object has negative acceleration it is ____________ [12]
17.Mass x Velocity [8]
19.When an aeroplane is at constant velocity at steady altitude, all forces are ___________ [8]
20.Force which always opposes motion [8]
21.This quantity is conserved in all collisions between objects
1.Energy of motion [7]
3.Change in speed per second [12]
4.The ______________ of a distance time graph gives velocity [8]
5.___________ velocity: the maximum speed of a falling object [8]
7.Newton's 2nd Law: Force = __________ x acceleration [4]
10.Straight line net distance travelled [12]
11.Work done = ______________ x distance [5]
12.Stored energy associated with gravity [9]
16.The ____________ of a velocity time graph gives acceleration [8]
18._________'s cradle - A desk toy which demonstrates conservation of momentum [6]

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