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  2 3 4
5 6 7                      
        11   12        
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    17     18  

7.the actions of the people during the down of communism was
8.Quail : to lose courage ; shrink in fear
10.the ballet dancer surprised the audience by her _________ body .
12.Miss Brown think that the smell of coffee is _________ smell
15.tending to deceive or mislead
16.Michel Jackson is very _________ for his songs.
17.Acrid: sharp and harsh or unpleasantly
19.a source in harm or ruin
1.when we don't have teacher in my class , all the student are __________
2.although I didn't feel like doing my room, but i decided to __________ it because I knew my mom wouldn't stop complaining until I did.
3.to make objection of little worth or importance
4.the man was very __________ because the workers didn't get his work done.
5.president Obama is a __________ speaker
6.: she tried always to eemulate her heroine.
9.every body wants their friend to be __________
11.appealing forcibly to the mind.
13.cheerful readiness to respond
14.my global teacher is very ____________ when it come to history.
15.it's not __________- to pass the SAT'S exams.
18.there is lot of _________ rooms in our new house.

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