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Early English Settlements

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1.was named in honor of King James. A group of settlers arrived in Virginia hoping to become wealthy by finding natural riches like gold. The land was not rich with gold. Instead, the water was dirty and salty. The land was not good for farming. And there were mosquitoes which carried malaria.
3.it first met on July 30, 1619, at a church in Jamestown. Its first order of business was to set a minimum price for the sale of tobacco. The house could make laws. which could be vetoed by the governor or the directors of the Virginai Company (3 Words)
5.people who settle in a distant land
6.an arrangement or understanding between people or groups.
8.a belief in and the worship of God or gods
9.were Puritans who wished to separate themselves from the Church of England becuase they found its practices and doctrines heretical to Calvinists principles. They settled in Plymouth.
10.small communities
2.This agreement described the way the pilgrims planned to govern themselves in the New World. The plan of government (2 Words)
4.A Native American that sailors had taken Squanto to England, where he learned English. Squanto stayed with the Pilgrims and taught them how to plant corn, catch fish, and get sweet syrup from maple trees.
7.Settlement that was started for religious reasons in present-day Massachusetts
8.first English settlement, which today is known as the "lost clony"

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