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Myths and Definitions

Heroic Greece

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1.a ruler who seizes power by force.
3.Princess N_____________ finds Odysseus washed ashore on a beach near her palace.
6.Greek foot soldier
7.Odysseus's wife.
10.The god who seeks to punish Odysseus.
11.These people were considered property and were bought and sold as such.
12.The Trojan ______ was supposedly a gift to Troy from the retreating Greeks.
14.M_________'s wife was the beautiful Helen of Sparta.
16.Odysseus' son.
18.fortified hilltop
19.The act of banning a citizen from a city state.
20.A system of government in which a single person inherits power.
22.Eris, goddess of discord, threw an _____ at Peleus and Thetis' wedding.
2.A goddess who helps Odysseus.
4.Father of democracy
5.The Battle of Marathon (490 BCE) was part of the __________ wars.
8.King of the gods.
9.How many hundred Greek city states were there around 500 BCE?
11.Father of social reforms
13.It was said of Helen that hers was:" ...a face that launched a thousand. ____"
14.M...... devised tatctics that won the battle of Marathon.
15.government by the people
17.A beautiful nymph who lives on her own island.
19.a fortune teller or prophesy maker
21.Nymph or witch who changes Odysseus' men into swine.

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