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Great Puritain Leaders

by: Sarah Storick

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1.Cotton Mather was the man to make the court that judged the Salem _________.
5.Roger Williams became the minister of ___________ in 1633.
8.Roger Williams founded the colony of _____________ (2 words)
10.Cotton Mather had how many children?
11.Who was elected to the royal society of London?
14.Who thought that Christ's second coming was to happen within his lifetime? (2 words)
16.John Winthrop was the governor of which state from 1629-1649?
19.On August 6th, 1629, John Winthrop joined the _______________. (2 words)
2._______________ lived from 1663 to 1728? (2 words)
3.Jonothan Edwards became the pastor of the church in _______________, Massachusetts.
4.Jonothan Edwards had a good knowledge of Latin, Hebrew, and which other language?
5.Jonothan Edwards died in 1758 due to the effects of a ________________. (2 words)
6.Cotton Mather had how many wives?
7.John Winthrop helped form a church at which town in 1630?
9.Who was the stimulator of the Great Awakening? (2 words)
12.Jonathan Edwards was the __________ child among twelve.
13.Who helped form a church at Charlestown in 1630? (2 words)
15.Jonothan Edwards entered which college in 1716?
17.Roger Williams first advocated for the ____________ of church and state.
18.Cotton Matehr was admitted to which college at the age of twelve?
20.How many times was John Winthrop married?

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