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The sweet taste of apricots was first enjoyed in China as long as 4,000 years ago. From there, they’ve travelled around the world. Many people think that apricots are European! Available in Woolworths between November and March, apricots’ skin and flesh both range in colour from pale yellow to deep orange. In their dried form, apricots are often added to Middle Eastern meat or grain dishes, while fresh apricots reduce well in cooking - great for making pies, tarts and jams. Apricots grow on trees like apples, and flower before the leaves regrow on the tree every spring. To Buy Look for plump, sweet-smelling apricots. Colour is no indication of flavour with apricots – so long as the fruit has no green tinges, it should be ripe and juicy, whether its skin is pale yellow or deepest orange. To Store Firm apricots will ripen if stored at room temperature for a few days. Once softened, store in the crisper section of the fridge for 2 to 3 days. To Prepare There’s no need to peel apricots as their skin is soft and thin. If using for cooking, halve apricots and remove the stones first.

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1.You can make j___ out of apricots.
3.Colour is no indication of f________.
6.When fruit is ripe it is sweet and j_______.
7.Apricots taste s__________.
8.A colour that ripe apricots can have.
10.You can make p_____ and tarts out of apricots.
11.The seed of an apricot is called a s_________.
13.Apricots grow on t________.
2.An orange or yellow fruit shaped like a small peach.
3.You can store ripe apricots in a f________.
4.A colour that ripe apricots can have.
5.Where were apricots eaten 4000 years ago?
7.Ripe apricots are plump and smell s_________.
9.A colour that unripe apricots can have.
10.You don't need to p_____ apricots.
12.You can make t______ and pies out of apricots.

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