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2 3  
4               5                
6       7     8     9            
    11             12      
13 14       15                
        17   18 19
23   24 25                      

4.a plan method or maneuvers for obtainng a specific goal
5.pertaining to the night
6.arousing fear or dread
9.in some respects between othewise dissimilar things
10.a person or thing thst is a representation of something
11.a tropical forest usually of tall densely growing
15.something used or regarded as being used to represent something else
16.aconverstion between two people
21.pictonial symbols used to represent words or sound
25.the commencement of 2 or more words of a word
26.to pose again
28.an official list imposed by a govt on imports or exports
29.a govermnt order prohibiting or movement of merchants ships into or out of its parts
1.a negative produced by exposing a high resolution photographic plate
2.a inntricate of interconnection passage
3.something inferred especially a conclusion
7.observation or examination of ones own mental and emotional state
8.unusual in appearance or general character and often involving unexpected elements
12.being eager or having zeal
13.a grotesquelly carved figure of a human or animal
14.to a stain from or act together in a staining from using
16.dignified propriety of behavior speech dress
17.something passed down from preceding generations
18.noisy energetic cheerful
19.non placement mamals of the order, comprising
20.something that is inconvenient
22.on organism that lives on or in an organism
23.gainiong or losing of time and effectiveness relative to ones continued mobility
24.share or proportional part of a total that is requied from or belongs to
27.to cringe in fear

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