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1 2          
3                 4  
7         8 9                        
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21 22                      

1.Name assigned by WHO
3.Unpredictable effect of a drug
6.Medicine given by injection
7.Name assigned by manufacturer; copyrighted
9.Pt. responds to mes in an unexpected way
12.Compressed powdered drugs
14.Drugs mixed with oil, soap, water, or alcohol for ext. app.
15.Two drugs interact to enhance each other
18.Drug prolongs the effects of another
20.Diameter of the opening of a tubular structure
22.Drugs mixed with cocoa butter
23.Diameter of interior opening of a tubular structure
2.Med. coated so it does not break down in the stomach
3.Medicine administered under the tongue
4.Causes deformities in fetal development
5.Gtt used in eyes, nose, or ears
8.Order to give medication immediately
10.Dissolved in water
11.Order issued to a pharmacist to dispense medication
13.Drug effects whole body
16.Insoluble med. containing milk or magnesium liquid
17.Medication + Aloe Vera
19.Drugs mixed with a fatty base for ext. app.
21.Aqueous solution of sugar

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