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Jesus Walks On The Water

Dave Jones

A puzzle to help people learn English and find out about the spiritual part of them.

2   3   4 5        
6       7        
9                 10 11         12
13         14           15      
18         19              
20                     21    
22   23            

2.Opposite to up Verse 18
4.Another word for shouted Verse 20
6.Similar to ship, barge, ark Verse 17
7.Opposite to smooth Verse 18
9.The name of a town Verse 17
10.If you cross a room using your legs, you will be doing this Verse 19
13.How you measure length Verse 19
15.Similar to pool or pond Verse17
18.Opposite of front Verse 17
19.Opposite of lightness Verse 17
20.When you arrive on the train, you are at your ......................... Verse 21
21.A piece of water that separates two countries Verse 18
22.Followers Verse 16
1.Opposite to out Verse 21
3.If your thirsty have a drink of this Verse 19
5.If you see a lion running towards you you will be .......... Verse 20
8.To do something straightaway Verse 21
11.The train ................... at the station Verse 21
12.Very windy Verse 18
14.Morning, afternoon, .................... Verse 16
16.Our saviour , our friend, our teacher Verse 17
17.Wanting to do something Verse 21
23.Present tense is see - this word is past tense Verse 19

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