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Steve Wilkinson

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1.What is the minimum height of a socket outlet in a domestic dwelling
6.What is the test voltage for insulation resistance on a domestic power circuit
7.What is the maximum height of a light switch in a domestic dwelling
8.What is the nominal voltage for domestic circuits
9.What is the British standard for a typical circuit breaker in a domestic dwelling
11.On what page in the OSG is there a diagram showing the operation of an RCD
14.What page shows a label stating - Warning PV supply system
15.State the clip spacing for a generally installed horizontal cable with PVC insulation and an overall diameter of 20mm
16.What is the conduit factor for a conduit of 63mm diameter (short straight run)
17.On what page are bathroom zones depicted
19.What is the maximum floor area that can be served by an A1 ring final circuit
20.HRC fuses should comply with which British Standard
22.What is the UK mains supply frequency
23.What section in the OSG deals with testing circuits
25.How many appendices are there in the OSG
26.State the minimum number of twin socket outlets that should be installed in a small living room
27.Which table in the OSG gives the resistance of copper cables
28.Which HSE guidance note should an approved voltage indicators comply with
29.Semi enclosed fused should comply to which British Standard
30.On what page is there a picture of a diagram showing to reduce the interference of an induction loop
1.What is the trunking factor for a trunking 225x50
2.On what page is there a picture of cables going through a joist
3.What is the insulation resistance test voltage on a 12V domestic lighting circuit
4.On what page is a label shown stating - Safety electrical connection do not remove
5.What is the maximum low voltage a.c between live conductors
8.The maximum Zs for a TT earthing system
10.What are the first four number of the ISBN for the OSG
11.State the assumed power demand in Watts for a lamp holder in a domestic dwelling
12.What page shows a picture if the safe zones for cable to be installed
13.The Regs are British Standard
15.State the maximum Ze for a TN-C-S earthing system in Ohms 0.
18.With which British Standard should earth clamps comply
21.The maximum Ze for a TNS system in ohms is 0.
24.What is the factor to be applied to the overall diameter SWA to determine an acceptable bend radii
25.How many sections are there in the OSG
26.Which copper conductor has resitance of 4.61 milli ohms per metre

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