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Religious determinism

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1.__________________ denied the free will.
7.__________________ is the French Protestant reformer and theologian.
8.The Puritan tradition believes that sin has completely depraved humans so much that humans are born and live their entire lives deserving __________________.
9.Today, God's influence upon events and actions is known as ____________.
10.______________ is the human capacity to choose and to act.
11.The Puritan tradition is an offshoot of the __________ tradition.
12.______________ teaching maintains that human freedom and God’s providence do not conflict.
13.______________ is a point of view that holds that human behaviour is a product, not of free will but a complex array of physical, social, cultural, psychological, and historical causes.
1.__________________ gave too much power and free will.
2._______________ have been the great defender of human freedom.
3.The Catholic position agrees/disagrees with John Calvin.
4._____________ was the first great theologian who wrote extensively about the free will and its connection with grace
5.The view that my behaviour is predetermined, whether by god or by other causes_____________
6.Puritans do not believe that God wants all people to be _________.
9._____________ do not claim to understand why God chooses to save a small minority of the human race and condemn the rest.

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