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Roots, Stems & Leaves

Nursery, Greenhouse & Garden Tech.

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1.plants that have netted veins; plants that have two seed leaves.
4.specialized stem that is covered with fleshy leaves; example is an onion.
5.leaf that has one leaf blade to one petiole.
6.specialized stem similar to the bulb but does not have leaves; example is gladiolus.
8.roots that grow from the primary root.
12.the edge of a leaf.
15.the very first thing to emerge from a seed during germination.
16.point where all leaflets of a compound leaf attach.
18.plants that have parallel veins; plants that have one seed leaf.
19.layer of cells that make up the bottom and top surface of the leaf.
24.small openings on the stem that allow gas exchange.
25.leaf stem.
26.leaf that has multiple leaflets attached at a rachis.
27.this part of the plant transports food made in the leaves back to the stem and roots.
2.root system that is comprised of one large primary root and smaller secondary roots.
3.swollen tip of a rhizome, Irish potatato
7.large vein found in the middle of a leaf blade.
9.water in the soil that can be absorbed.
10.specialized root such as carrots, turnips, and beets.
11.root system compromised of many evenly sized roots.
12.another name used for soil.
13.stem that lies horizontally and helps plants spread.
14.this part of the plant transports water and nutrients from the roots up to the leaves.
17.waxy upper layer of a leaf blade.
20.the space between two buds on a plant stem.
21.openings on the bottom of the leaf that release water through transpiration.
22.cells that control the opening and closing of the stomata.
23.stem that lies horizontally on the ground that helps the plant spread.

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