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8."She dwells with beauty--beauty that must die."
1.A fleet of ships may be described as "forty sails," or athletes have been nicknamed, "muscles".
2.A mild sunny day would promise a tranquil, happy scene, while its no accident that the dire events in Hamlet begin with the ghost's appearance on a winter midnight.
3.Voltaire's Candide, despite several experiences of horrendous suffering and corruption, persists in his conviction that "everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds".
4.Macbeth believes that he is protected by the weird sister's prophecies, but he is betrayed by their fiendish duplicity.
5.In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus returns as a beggar to Ithaca, and as he encounters his family members, he must refrain from telling them his true identity.
6."The throne" is a metonymic synonym for "the king".
7.A modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, which purports to present a happy solution to the famine by proposing eating infants to feed the lower economic classes.

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