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Chapter 19 Section 1&2

1 2       3              
  5                           6                
9     10                        
  11     12                          
  17       18

2.the idea Nicholas Copernicus believed in that the sun was the center of the universe
5.a German mathematician and astronomer who believed the planets orbited around the sun in an elliptical pattern with the sun towards the end of the ellipse instead of the center (2 Words)
6.the view that the universe is a series of concentric spheres with a fixed or motionless Earth as its center
7.the name of Galileo Galilei's book published in 1610 (3 Words)
10.a French philosopher who explained his famous work in his book, Discourse on Method, written in 1637 (2 Words)
11.was a professor of surgery at the University of Padua and corrected Galen's belief that great blood vessels originated from the heart and not the liver (2 Words)
13.an English lawyer who believed that a correct scientific method should be built upon inductive principles (2 Words)
15.a way to examine and understand nature built upon inductive principles; the use of carefully organized experiments and systematic, thorough observations to lead to correct general principles (2 Words)
16.a woman from and aristocratic family who wasn't able to be a member of English Royal Society (2 Words)
19.the most famous of the female astronomers in Germany who became an assistant for her husband, Gottfried Kirch (2 Words)
20.a scientist and mathematician who sought to keep science and religion united (2 Words)
21.a law that explains in mathematical terms that every object in the universe is attracted to every other object by a force called gravity (4 Words)
22.seeing the world in material, not spiritual, terms
23.also known as the Ptolemaic idea meaning Earth-centered
24.an instrument created by Isaac Newton to advance the color and clearness using a concave mirror that focused the images from the sky on an eyepiece (2 Words)
1.published the book, On the Motion of the Heart and Blood, in 1628 and destroyed the work of Galen (2 Words)
3.the name of Andres Vasalius's book published in 1543 (7 Words)
4.Descartes's principle of the separation of mind and matter (and mind and body) (2 Words)
8.an English mathematician and physicist who created the three laws of motion (2 Words)
9.a Polish mathematician who believed the geocontric system was too complicated (2 Words)
12.a system of thought based on the belief that reason is the chief source of knowledge
14.a doctrine based on proceeding from the particular to the general through mathematics or logic (2 Words)
17.invented the telescope in Holland in 1608 (2 Words)
18.an Italian mathematician and astronomer who was the famous with the telescope for discovering mountains on the moon, four moons revolving around Jupiter, the phases of Venus, and sunspots (2 Words)

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