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2 3  
    4           5
6           7
9                   10
  12   13                
14         15      

4.Who was joes wife?
6.Who died in beckys life when she was young?
8.What did becky call best mate
9.At the end of the book what is joe trying to save?
11.Who is brighteyes' owner?
12.Whats patricks teachers last name?
14.Where did becky live?
15.What colour is best mate/brighteyes/paddywack?
16.Who was best mates racing partner and bestfriend?
1.Who was becky running from?
2.What is beckys horses name?
3.What did joe call brighteyes?
4.Who is a lady from fairlawns?
5.Where did becky run?
7.What did the children call Mr Boots?
10.what did joe call his potato selling van?
12.What did Patrick call the dog he loved?
13.What is the second word of patricks school?
15.What was patricks pet before best mate?

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