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Chapter 8 Science



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3.The ends of a magnetic object, where the magnetic force is strongest.
4.A glowing region produced by the interaction of charged particles from the sun and atoms in the atmosphere.
5.A device with a magnetized needle that can spin freely; a compass needle always points north.
7.A negatively charged particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom.
8.A substance in which all the atoms are alike; one of about 100 basic materials that make up all matter.
9.The region around a magnet where the magnetic force is exerted.
1.Smallest particle of an element that has the properties of that element.
2.A material that is strongly attracted to a magnet, and which can be made into a magnet.
3.The force of attraction or repulsion of magnetic materials.
6.The region of Earth's magnetic field shaped by the solar wind.

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