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Math vocabs

Yasmin Abdul

math vocabulary

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1.___________: A consistent system that has exactly one solution
4._____________: A group of people or objects that you want information about.
5.____________: the two regions into which the boundary line of a linear inequality divides the coordinate plane
7.______________ A rectangular arrangement of numbers in rows and columns
8._____________ Function of a monomial or a sum of monomial, each of which is called a term of the polynomials
10.______________: A real number associated with any square matrix A; denoted by A or (A)
14._____________: A sample that overrepresents or underrepresents part of a population
15.A __________ of error gives a limit on how much the reponses of a sample would be expected to differ from the responses of the population.
2._____________: have the same dimensions and equal elements in corresponding positions.
3.____________: A system of equations that has at least one solution
6.____________ A group that does not undergo a procedure or treatment when an experiment is conducted
9._______________: The behavior of the graph of a function as x approaches positive infinity or negative infinity positive
11._____________: A sample that is representative of the population you want information about.
12.______________: A coefficient in the term of a polynomial function that has the greatest exponent
13._____________ A consistent system of equation that has infinitely many solutions

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