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Characters of Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Ms. Mills

Have you read Chronicle of a Death Foretold? See if you can solve the entire puzzle!

1 2 3
    7       8   9         10
11     12                
  13                 14          
  16 17                 18
21           22              
24   25        

4.Servant in the murdered man's house; destined for his "furtive bed" (2 Words)
5.Place where many of the men party after the wedding is over
7.The murdered man's fiancee (2 Words)
11.Placida Linero is the murdered man's ________________
13.The murdered man's first name
14.He didn't even get off the boat
15.Victoria Guzman performs this job in the murdered man's house
16.The groom who gives back his new wife
19.Another word for the animal that was heard by many the day of the murder
21.The age of the murdered man, minus one
22.The author's last name
23.The murder weapon
24.One of the murderous twins; older by six minutes
26.One of the murderous twins; joined the army
27.The widower whose house is bought; he dies two months later
28."The Fatal _________", where the murder takes place
1.The narrator's sister
2.The country where the novel is set
3.Pablo Vicario's fiancee and later wife (2 Words)
6.First name of the milk shop proprietress
8.Father Amador performs this because the doctor is out of town
9.The murdered man's father
10.Don Lazaro Aponte is the _______________ of the town
12.The murder is an ____________ killing
17.The bride who is shunned by her new husband
18.The major event that takes place in the days before the murder
20.The murdered man's last name
25.Poncio Vicario is _______________ due to being a goldsmith

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