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Geographic Sciences

Destini Floyd

1                   2 3 4
  8   9      
  10         11                          
13   14                            
15                       16  

1.The portion of the atmosphere from about 30 to 80 kilometers apart of the mantle.
7.A series of mountain ranges on the ocean floor,where volcanic rock is added to the sea floor as the mid-ocean ridge spreads apart.
10.A process in which new ocean floor is created as molten material from the earth's mantle rises and spreads.
12.The outtermost layer of the earth.
14.The layer of the earth underneath the lithosphere that is apart of the mantle.
15.The innermost part of the core that is made of solid iron and nickle.
17.The motion in which two plates grind past each other. An earthquake occurs.
18.The layer of the earth about 1800 miles thick thats between the crust and core.
19.Te outtermost part of the core that is made of liquid iron and nickle.
2.The movement of the continents as a result of the motion of the crustal plates.
3.Pieces of the lithosphere.
4.The motion in which two or more plates collide.
5.The act or process of compressing.
6.The motion in which two plate slide past each other.
8.To shift so as to produce a fault.
9.An upheaval.
10.To sink to the bottom, as a sediment.
11.The layer of the earth that is apart of the crust and upper core.
13.The act or process of stretching something tight.
16.To form bends in (a stratum of rock).

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