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Review on everything so far

Mr Pocock

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1.A group of Medial ligaments at the ankle
6.I lubricate the joints
9.I am the skull bone located near the ear
10.Layer of sheath covering the bone
11.Jaw Bone
13.I am found at the end of long bones and in between the vertebrae
15.An important piece of an ATFL tape job that follow the anchors.
17.I am the joint found at the knee and elbow
19.The plane found along the spine
20.Fingers or Toes
23.A combination of the ribs and sternum
24.I work in pairs to double the force
25.A ligament found at the knee, Ipsilateral to the Fibula
26.The shoulder blade
2.Found at the posterior of the skull
3.Category of muscle found in the intestines, bladder etc
4.Spongy type of bone
5.Gastrocnemius is one calf muscle. The other is the ....
7.The joint that should not be covered during a 'buddy' finger tape job
8.The biggest bone in the body
12.Muscle located at the anterior of the skull
14.I am found on the posterior part of the body and the muscle of the neck
16.The ligament inferior to the foot
18.The involuntary muscle group found in the heart
21.I am opposite to proximal
22.A weaker ligament found at the anterior, lateral side of the ankle

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