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Review 8.00

Ms. Gersten

1           2
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18     19       20   21   22

1.any expenditure or something that costs an individual money
5.determine how well the spending plan process has worked
6.anything with monetary value that a person owns
9.a financial statement that shows assets, liabilities and networth
12.type of stock with guaranteed dividends
13.how your financial goal should be structured
16.keep accurate records while the spending plan is being implemented
17.anything that someone owes to someone else
19.to put money to work earning interest over time
23.type of stock in a public corporation where returns vary and risk is slightly higher
24.an expense due at a certain date for a determined amount
2.a system of placing exact amounts for an expense here
3.type of stock from large companies
4.an expense that is not due on a certain date and the amount can change
7.financial statement used to plan income and expenses for a future time period
8.the income made on an investment in a percentage
10.the amount of money remaining when total liabilities is subtracted from total assets
11.put the spending plan into effect
14.the possibility of earning or losing money from an investment
15.how easily an asset can be converted into cash
18.the rule of 72 shows how long it takes to do this
20.to set aside present income for future use
21.total earnings received
22.type of stock from growing companies

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