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Chapter 3 of Exploring Content

Vocabulary related to understanding culture and worldview.

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6.learn by imitation or from trial or error
10.the state of bringing something into concrete existence
13.a formulated thought or opinion
14.learn by sharing information among organisms
15.without any direct genetic influence
17.something born in the mind generalized from specific instances
19.communicated, passed on
20.characteristic, aspect
1.overall concept learned from situations or specific data that we apply to new situations
2.a set of assumption about the way things are, the collective interpretation of and response to the worlds (both natural and cultural) in which a society of people live
3.of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible, observable universe, especially of or relating to God or a god
4.an idea or term that is not associated with any specific instance
7.any object made intentionally
8.diversity, difference
9.recognize one supreme supernatural being
11.recognize multiple supernatural beings
16.systemize in order to talk about, share and pass on assumptions about the way things are
18.It must be learned, involve concepts generalizations, abstractions, and ideas; shared through extragenetic transmission, and have the presence of artifacts, both real and abstract.

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