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Random Words that I put in a Puzzle

Mrs. Awesome

This puzzle has a bunch of random words cause I didn't have anything to do.

1 2     3 4
5   6    
  7         8        
10     11        
13         14                

1.A group of musicians that play together
7.A commonly used shape that has 3 sides that all meet each other at one end or another
9.All the people inhabiting a specific area
10.A little ball of polished limestone used in various games
13.A piece of clothing for females that combines a skirt and a shirt into one piece
14.The start of something
15.North, south, ____, and west
16.The common unit of money in European countries
17.A commonly used shape that has 4 equal sides
18.The opposite of 'old'
19.A flying animal that chirps
2.A hairdo of tight curls in a full, evenly round shape
3.Never ending, goes on _______
4.An option, a decision between 2 or more things
5.A treat made of mostly cocoa and sugar
6.A group of notes formed into a specific tune that is played in a song
8.Physical exercise that develops strength, balance and agility
11.Better than the others, the greatest
12.A commonly used round shape that has no sides, no faces, and no edges

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